born : 1986
United States of America

Self-taught artist influenced from the early 1980s American Punk, graffiti-based and counter-cultural practicing artists, his style is original, spontaneous, energetic and sometimes violent.

Color expression dominates his current style and fueled by his favorite tunes he let his subconscious control the process. Color and shape combinations, frenetic brush strokes are explored, driven by the fundamental desire to free his own mind, Gomez’s creativity is moving towards simplicity, maintaining a sense of composition and structure his paintings range from painted figures to intricate line drawings. His bold color choices give his paintings the intense, chaotic feel of neo-expressionism.

He works with acryl and oil on canvas.


Please note that the color of the originals may vary due to photography and your own computer monitor. All measurements are in cm. Variations in sizes might be possible due to stretched on canvas or not.