About Us

ARTichoc Worldwide

ArtichocWorldwide was established in 2017. Extending the established traditional art facilities and contemporary galleries ArtichocWorldwide is launching Pop Up events featuring a mix of solo and group exhibitions with local, national and international artists, welcoming art collectors and random visitors for startling discovery.

ArtichocWorldwide´s commitment is to develop its program upon the field of application, encouraging diversity, and ideas of the urban, contemporary, outsider, street art artists that it represents. ArtichocWorldwide is dearly supporting the future of its artistic talents and promoting the extensive potential of emerging and new artists. ArtichocWorldwide is developing the idea that, in close collaboration with artists and designers, valuable art gets street-legal. The bond between masterpieces, collectors can savor at their homes and offices, and the one of a kind art piece the collector can enjoy during his busy day travels and leisure time, is quickly knotted. Kept in perspective, the circle is closing; Street Art from the street into the living room and back to the street.

ArtichocWorldwide is expanding it’s presence in the global art community and enables the placement of one of a kind art in private, corporate and institutional collections nationally and internationally.

ArtichocWorldwide also consults on creating new collections, offers specialized advisory and curatorial services. Cordial knotted relationships, a routinely presence at exhibitions, auctions, art fairs, and a prying investigation in artists studios makes it possible to offer its collectors the variety of styles, mediums, sizes, colors, prices, and artists that makes it possible to acquire a piece being at the heart of any collector and, with an appropriate art advise, the piece of art chosen can become a valuable investment.


Your style our skill

You want an inviting office, an awesome place to be, a party place, a cozy retreat, a family gathering place.. we can design for that and a whole lot more. We partner with you to create the appropriate version for your space.

Our collaboration with international artists, experienced designers and architects offers you the opportunity to experience an unique and outstanding enjoyment of life.

ArtichocWorldwide appreciate the art lovers interest and is passionate about supporting individuals and institutions who are interested in starting, expanding or selling their collections.

“Carry a piece of art” Artichoc handbag collection

How about a handmade individual Artichoc bag created of an original painting from Street Artists energetic, extroverted and gorgeous work.

Artichoc can’t think of a more subtle way to put great art at the forefront of modern minds. This is not a cynical exercise. Art is supposed to initiate discussion and invigorate emotion.

Street Artists are chosen to celebrate a line of outstanding bags for Artichoc.
Street Art rooted under the open sky, made socially acceptable at exhibitions, art fairs and gallery’s, is going back into popular culture.

Artichoc’s carefully hand crafted creation is turning original art into fashion must-haves. It is not simply a line of one of a kind luxury bags, it is an artist’s implementation in handbag form giving the ability to carry a unique individual piece of art.

Basically the painting is hanging somewhere, not supposed to be touched, you admire it.

The crazy stylish, artichic bag is functional, you engage with it, touch it, your wardrobe is enhanced by this original and unique well-conceived art bag.
It is Artichoc’s commitment to see the artists personal expression shining on Champs-Elysées, Kö, Grand-Rue, Fifth Avenue, Regent Street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele………. impressing not just art world insiders but encouraging unequivocal enthusiasm for great art in a language people in the 21st century understand.