Nolwenn Samson

Born: she knows

Lives in France

For over a decade she has brought her worlds onto the canvas: “I’ve always thought that painting came naturally to me, almost innately. It would be strange for me to believe that my subjects, my compositions and how they are done, are not directly influenced by lived experience,” states the artist Nolwenn Samson.
Arrangements saturated with impact, off-center colors for wide-eyes… The Salonnaise painter presents the ups and downs of intrepid blonds struggling with agitated handsome bearded-men.
Characters whose moods fluctuate between revolvers, mottos, and well-soaked citations under the gaze of amused pets:
“with a mother who taught dance, and a father who created a photo-lab where I spent my days, my childhood floated on dense creative waves, between images, new types of music and ballet.”

Completely self-taught, except for a brief time at the Applied Arts School of Marseilles where she explored illustration and design, Nolwenn Samson expresses herself today with acrylics, inks, resins, and markers. Naïve, trashy, grumpy, and always feminine, her art takes place on and experiments upon large, rather, enormous, formats that can reach up to 300×300 cm.
In progress and in constant movement, the work of Nolwenn is reminiscent of that of Basquiat, Keith Haring and Warhol, but also of the best art coming from the street and the cinematic rhythms of Tarantino and Kitano, cited as direct influences by the painter. Seen on the walls of the galleries and exhibition spaces in Paris, Marseille, and Miami, her canvases have now moved straight on to the salesroom.