Alessandro Siviglia

born: 1982

From his adolescence begins his artistic journey by expressing himself through the writing phenomenon, attracted by Aero-Art-Art and carrying the passion for graffiti for over 15 years.
The studies at the Institute of Art “Filiberto Menna” in Salerno become the basis of its professional growth, but more important will be the experiences made on the road, painting in different cities of Italy.
Graffiti comes from his particular and personal technical use of color and his determined and spontaneous stretch in making the canvas cast.

In 2000 he moved to Venice where he began attending some local artists approaching, without knowing it, painting on canvas. It is in that context that he begins to create his first canvases including “Il Fumador”, a work that represents a black-faced man with a red fire hat, dressed in strong colors, sitting under a palm tree. In this picture the artist represents his island, his refuge from city life.
Painting with acrylic colors cares more and more the artist who, leaving aside the art of graffiti, begins to create with every object in front of him, such as recycled boards, old doors or wardrobe doors.
This new way of painting marks a turning point in the artistic life of Seville, which realizes his paintings with softer shapes and preferring the large dimensions by which he can bring back the graffiti style on canvas.
Today, Alessandro Siviglia is creating his modern paintings using spray colors combined with acrylic colors, with a very personal mixed technique perfected in recent years that distinguishes his style, referring to Chagall only for the concept. His ego rejects any emulation.