Yann Sciberras

Born: 1968,

lives in France

He is a French painter and performer.
Yann Sciberras joined a commerce school before going to university and studying art history.
Art has a special meaning for the artist, as it’s not only a way of expression for him but also a way to keep current events alive, give evidence through reality and lifestyles.

The artist creates “actualist” or “realistic” paintings, cuts images of the world which show how fast news travels and its negative effect on our society. He highlights new masters of the world, who are able to become powerful through internet, hash-tags and other acronyms, entirely redefining our language. Yann Sciberras doesn’t criticize but wants to be a privileged witness of this new society, where we are all actors. Ecological, political, social protests, a kick in the nest of the consumer society, his art is a stream of signs, images, words, warnings, without standing out as a moralist but as a witness of our contemporary society. He opens to the world via drawing, vivid colours, words used as slogans but also as a form of urban poetry. He uses his paintings as a real communication tool.
His art is quite like street-art, as he uses writings, codes and bright colors, but has put down roots in the punk-rock culture.