born: 1965

Morena Beltrami is a very sensitive to the needs of the society around her.
Her thoughts take shape and come to life on canvas with the help of strong and intense colors, filling spaces here and there in a chaotic and dynamic way, sometimes expressing anger and other times being poetic and evocative. Only on the surface the emerging forms seem meaningless, but nothing is ever left to chance.

The works of Morena Beltrami shall pass the test of time because interlaced in her canvases is the real and concrete manifesto of our society, which is on the verge of destruction, with no more ideas and vivacious projects. The artist opens a small window to the art by introducing a new context uncontaminated with monotonous and repetitive techniques.

Royal Gallery of London;
Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin.
Quirinus Gallery Koping (Stockholm)
MooreHouse EC2 London
New York City JMC Gallery
Anna Strak Art Gallery- Berlin